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Shayla Jorgenson

State Deca 2018

Mr. Gaylor was one of my favorite teachers in high school. As a student you could see his passion for education. He cares for his students both in school and recreationally. Gaylor is the teacher you would (and probably still will) see at every sports game, sharing his eagle pride. He pushes everyone to do their best and cheers them on along the way. He took being a good educator to a whole other level. No one had an excuse to miss Deca, because Gaylor would pick you up, help you find a way to pay, and even call you to make sure you wake up if you need it. Working in education I see the extra miles that Mr. Gaylor went and I strive to do the same. Mr Gaylor, is and forever will be one of the greatest eagle educators. Thank you for your endless support!!

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