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Sophia Renner

still came back to even visit at prom!

Hi, I'm Sophia Renner.
The teacher I am choosing is Lauren Rabourn. She used to be our English teacher at Shelby-Rising City. As of this year she now teaches at York High School. This teacher was a favorite by many, including myself. Although she no longer teaches where i'm at she still helps me with many different things. Whether it be curricular related, life advice, or even just getting me through the day. I'm choosing this teacher because she's just well, one of a kind.. there's really no other way to put it. You can genuinely tell she's one of those teachers that cares and wants to see you succeed and isn't just saying that. I mean I can't really name off any other teacher that would still talk to you after they have left. Let alone care as much. I'm sure alot of people have their favorite teachers. This teacher is just different though. By far.. I'm truly grateful to still have her in my life🤗 Miss her lots I could honestly say so much more if the word count wasn't limited :)

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