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Sunny Edwards

It is not often that you get the opportunity to work with someone like Kelsey Southard. Kelsey came into teaching fresh out of college and eager to be the best Early Childhood teacher she could be. We began implementing Pyramid, and in three short years she has transformed her teaching practices. Kelsey is a fun, energetic teacher who loves each student in her room with her entire heart. Then she takes is all one step further and she runs a classroom where kids are welcome as they are, she co-regulates each student when they are in need, she has tools and puppets that solve every problem, and she has the energy to sing and dance all the wiggles out. Kelsey has built a strong foundation for each student and family that is blessed to have her. Her colleagues now reach out to her for guidance and support, and cheez-its as well. Kelsey has proven over these last 3 years that when you commit to your practice you can change the face of education. Kelsey is truly a remarkable educator!

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