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Tina Schmidt

This goes back a few years to my Homecoming days as a proud Wildcat at Geneva High School. Before they became the Fillmore Central Panthers, we played our football games at the old field surrounded by gigantic green wooden bleachers that sent your heart into your throat if you took a wrong step in the upper seats.
Homecoming was always special, with remembered traditions like "dress up days" rushing back to me as my own girls borrowed my majorette jacket for "80's Day". (Very early 80's!) "Mom", they said "you were so tiny!" Trust me, I know. Students became friends as we worked for hours stuffing crepe paper into chicken wire shapes for our floats for the Homecoming parade. Our royalty was announced at halftime with traditional crowns made of giant yellow mums and a big purple pipe cleaner "G". Traditions may not mean much at the time, but memories of them can connect old friends years later and also be shared with our own children. "Go Wildcats!"

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