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William Wilton

I was in the dining hall at UNL this past year with some of the Teachers Scholars Academy students and I was wearing my I Love Public Schools hoodie. When one of the dining staff saw my hoodie, she asked me if I was working in a school in Lincoln. I told her all about my practicum experience at Lincoln East, and it turned out that she was from Lincoln East! We talked about the school and the FCS program and she told me how she still uses the skills she learned in FCS as part of her job at UNL.

I loved being able to talk about my major and my experience at Lincoln East and hear an alumni from the very school I was observing at talk about the importance of the program. Public schools give all students the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge that they will need to be successful in life and I love that this is open to ALL children so everybody has a chance to be successful!

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