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Andrea Boyd

Mrs. Franks reading with a student

Mrs. Franks is a reading interventionist at the Wilson Focus School in Omaha Public Schools. She is an exceptional leader because she not only cares about the students she teaches, but also demonstrates the same love for students she doesn't teach. Mrs. Franks knows every student in the school by name. She teaches fun and engaging enrichment classes like Minecraft Builders, Collaborative Coloring, LEGO Stop Motion, etc. She is an expert in teaching students how to read and provides professional developments to her school community and the entire Nebraska community through her role as a board member for the Nebraska Dyslexia Association. She owns more books than the school library and frequently loans them to students at Wilson. She hand picks books she knows students would like. She is somebody you can count on to do what she says she is going to do. She is a fantastic educator and advocate for all students.

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