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Anne Wuebben

Bloomfield senior and kindergarten buddies.

At Bloomfield Elementary we have an exceptional tradition of Buddy Time. The seniors come to the kindergarten classroom on Fridays and make a craft or do an activity with the students. Every kindergarten student is matched with a senior that best fits their interests and personality. It is SO amazing to see the bond that forms between the senior and kindergarten buddies. The rough and tough football athlete or the shy drama student open up their inner child and enjoy being a "kid" again while being with their kindergarten buddy. It is fun to see the pairs make and wear George Washington hats, decorate sugar cookies, enjoy a Cinco De Mayo party, or glue and glitter valentine cards. The most rewarding thing to see is when the seniors go out of their way to talk to their buddy at a sporting event or when they come to the classroom to hug their buddy goodbye one last time before graduation. This tradition truly is "Feel the Love Fridays" and makes me proud to be a public school teacher!

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