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Antea Gatalica

Mr. Gaylor and Ms. Wiles in Orlando, 2007

Mr. Gaylor was a fantastic teacher and mentor during my time at Central. The marketing courses I took with him and Ms. Wiles are a part of some of my favorite memories of high school. There is no other class I would have voluntarily taken before 8 AM. I absolutely loved what I was learning about and engaging in. I had so much fun traveling and competing with DECA; the organization was such a large and formative part of my high school experience. All of us had so much fun. Mr. Gaylor and Ms. Wiles inspired me to eventually pursue marketing as a career. The lessons I learned from Mr. Gaylor, including hard work and perseverance, have helped me in every part of my development, in both my work and personal life. I'm so grateful for teachers like him. A well-deserved retirement.

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