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Billie Wasserburger

Mrs. McConnell is a 3rd grade teacher at Crawford Elementary School. She works hard to build relationships with her students. She taught my son, who at the beginning of the year struggled to read. He refused to read books and said he hated books. She spent countless hours getting to know him and his interests and looking for books that he might enjoy. After they found a set he was interested in, she would make a point to talk to him daily about what he was reading. She helped build his confidence in Reading, always celebrating any successes he had. Before her, my son scored below proficient and needed extra reading intervention. With her support and encouragement he began to love reading and started to see his own growth. He is now scoring proficient to advanced in reading. He loves reading and still talks to her about what he is reading. I recently saw her in the school library and she had another student in the same situation and she was looking for books that matched his interests.

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