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Chris Placek

Teaching at a small school in Nebraska has many benefits. The overwhelming sense of family, acceptance and a willingness to help one another is why I love teaching at Meridian Public School in Daykin. The school tradition that I enjoy the most is when our student body gets together for an assembly to give our State qualifying coaches and students a pep rally/send-off before their competitions. It is really great to see the school and the community come together and support the students, coaches, and the activities. The best part of the tradition is the tunnel that students, staff, parents and patrons make for the State qualifiers. Walking through this as you leave as a coach and player gives you assurance that everyone is behind you and support what you are doing. As the tunnel winds around the gym and spills out into our commons area, our student council is there to greet you with a goodie bag. This is an awesome way to leave as you get geared up for State.

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