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Dakota Gress

Mack Alspaugh (right) passionately discusses with his 8th graders the directions to the sun and rotation activity.

Mack Alspaugh teaches science at High Plains Community. I recently learned about populations and biodomes because Mr. Alspaugh teaches to make sure everyone understands before moving on to the next lesson. Each day I look forward to 5th period because I am interested in how populations change and what affects certain animals or plants. In Amplify, Mr. Alspaugh has shown me how to work the simulations and use diagrams to better understand what he is teaching. He makes me feel useful when he doesn’t yell at me for making a mistake. Instead, he will help figure out the answer instead of just moving on. When we get to class, he will tell us to do the warm-up while he takes roll and checks on kids. Then we talk as a class and answer the questions together and try to help each other in case a student doesn’t get it. Sometimes we have to read articles and do a poster about it. It is fun to work as groups instead of independently. Overall, he is a pretty nice teacher.

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