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Gregg Christensen

Gregg Christensen, Nebraska Department of Education Career Education Specialist (Retired)

Mr. Gaylor has been a consummate professional, dedicated educator, and caring mentor to students and teaching colleagues throughout his extensive career. He never settled for "good enough" whether it was from students in his classroom, DECA members, internship participants, fellow teachers or administrators at the district or state level. During my tenure as Nebraska Marketing Education Director and State DECA Advisor I could always count on him for innovative ideas, follow-through on curriculum and DECA activity projects, and to focus on never settling for anything but the highest quality. The bottom line for Mr. Gaylor has always been what is best for the students, not what is easiest or expedient. His tireless energy and enthusiasm for marketing education and DECA energized everyone around him. His word is his bond. His honesty, integrity, thirst for knowledge, and desire to share best practices with others will be sorely missed as he enters his well-deserved retirement.

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