I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Jackie Happer

Last year was a tough one for educators. I was fortunate to teach an amazing group of third graders at Fullerton Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska. When we celebrated "I Love Public Schools" day, I shared with them my journey through public schools. I grew up attending elementary, middle, and high school in the Omaha Public Schools district. I had incredible teachers that inspired me to take the same career path. I shared with my students all of the amazing teachers and students I had met throughout my many years in the district. They spent time brainstorming what they loved about the school they get to go to. Their answers covered EVERYTHING! They loved having lunch with their friends, meeting new people, learning from their teachers, and playing on the playground. We had discussions about diverse classrooms and opportunities to be involved in the community. It was a very special day in a very strange school year.

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