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Katie Ham

Katie Ham, a first-grade teacher, at Kooser inspires me through her dedication and positive attitude. She works creatively and passionately with our son, Ace. He does not easily find success in the classroom. Until this year, we've never known Ace to approach school with a smile. Yet, through out first grade, he often comes home to tell us about a way that Mrs. Ham made him feel special and heard that day. She holds high expectations, while listening gracefully and providing him feedback and a second chance. She made a feedback "Kooser Kudo" that specifically is made to support Ace, all while being sure that he doesn't feel like he is on a negative goal sheet, or perceived as different than his peers. Katie inspires me to always place connection at the top of what I do in the classroom. I hope that I can pay her communication and passion for teaching forward. Thank you Katie, for every lesson and ounce of love you've poured into our son. You have changed his life. (and mine too)

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