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Lacey Bowder

Kindergarten Graduation

We are so incredibly blessed to have had Mrs. Kaminski as our girls’ Kindergarten teacher, two separate times. She is one in a million. Her endless compassion, support, structure, and truly taking the time and knowing each of my kids has been amazing to watch. She knows when they need a pep talk and she knows when to push them to do their best. Here are a few things my kids have learned from her: perseverance, grit, following through, keeping your word, work ethic, showing others your kind heart, problem solving, owning your truth self, self confidence, just to name a few on top of teaching reading, math and other curricular areas. She has brought out each of my kids unique traits and had taught them how to polish themselves off to show the world their amazing gifts. Thank you just isn’t enough. Our family will be forever grateful to Whitney Kaminski.

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