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Laura Enos

My best friend since middle school, college roommate, and fellow teacher, Jessica Schroer is an amazing advocate for youth at Chandler View Elementary School. She started her career working with children who struggled with appropriate behaviors and now works with elementary students who need extra help with their academics, motor skills, and educational growth and development as a resource teacher for Omaha Public Schools. Ms. Schroer gives so much to her school and district outside of the regular school day and her resource classroom whether it be through staff courtesy committees, helping with after school clubs/activities, organizing the older students' commencement, and assisting with summer school. This year she even took on a new role to teach kindergartners via distance learning. Since I became friends with Ms. Schroer at the age of 12, I witnessed how hard she works and that level of effort has never diminished into her adult and professional life.

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