I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Lisa Maschmann

By building a relationship with the students, I can use their hidden talents and skills to help them succeed. I can often bring in an example from something the student is interested in to help them make sense of the problem. The kids really like to use examples that mean something to them to solve problems.

Some of my proudest moments are when we have "Back to School Night" and the parent smiles and proudly tells his or her student that I was their Kindergarten teacher. I have taught at Fairbury Public Schools since 1992 so I have had a lot of students. When the parents are sharing stories with their children, I am glad to know I made a difference in their lives.

We have a great group of students at our school. We can also say that our community is a wonderful support system for our school. This year our community pulled together enough supplies for all of our kids. This helped everyone get ready for school to begin, even though we are going through a pandemic.

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