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Patti Meyer: 2nd grade Parkview Heights I believe everyone should spend a day in Mrs. Meyer's class. She has a special way of making every student feel special, and feel like they can do anything. If they have the wrong answer, she has a way of making them feel like rock stars for their answer and skillfully directs them to the right answer as if they knew it all along. This is an amazing teaching gift that makes her students want to learn. She is Mary Poppins of behavior! Somehow she can turn around an approaching issue, make the child feel like they are the most important person alive at that moment and poof! Like a spoon full of sugar she has changed their outlook. Mrs. Meyer has a magnetic personality that her students, past students, co-workers, and parents all appreciate. Patti spends many hours preparing for her class, arranging desks, visuals, and teaching strategies, to set all her kids up for success. She is the best!

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