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Patricia Carol Harrahill

Becky Meyer fosters strong relationships with the students in Palmer Elementary School. She interacts with students during recess as well as in the classroom. Kids know she cares about them. Becky also supports her coworkers. When I have been called upon to sub, Becky has taken my recess duty so that I will have more time to prepare. She has also been called upon to sub this year, often with little or not warning or prep time. In the classroom is where Becky is most inspirational. She is currently serving as the title coordinator for our school and has been an excellent resource for finding the correct intervention to meet the needs of individual students. Becky also has been an advocate for students in her work on the Curriculum Search Committee. She is passionate about students having the correct, research based tools, to maximize their potential. Becky is always working to benefit the students of Palmer Public Schools.

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