I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Seth Schuessler

I am proud to be an educator because of the impact I have on my students. Having the most unlikely of students come back to my classroom and express how much they enjoyed learning alongside me is something that I truly cherish. To see those students develop their own sense of curiosity and dare to venture out into their own areas of the world is something that makes the hours I spend planning my lesson, worth the extra effort.

In my first year of teaching, I felt daunted by a few of my struggling Biology students. In an effort to help them succeed, I devoted numerous evenings helping said students develop better studying habits and coaching them through quickly and effectively learning the required material. We spent up to 3-4 hours per night working together in the classroom after school. I saw significant improvement in my students' scores and it was something those students have never forgotten. A worthwhile sacrifice of my time as an educator for the betterment of those students.

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