I Love Public Schools I Love Public Schools

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Wayne Meyer

I had a student that did not really fit into the traditional classroom. He had been in trouble in every class and every school, on the verge of being expelled again. This boy was only in the 6th grade. He was put into my classroom and I began to work with him, spending time with him, just listened to him, and assisted him with whatever he wanted. This boy began to turn around, he showed up to school every day, was not in trouble every day, and he actually became friendly to other teachers and students. He continued in my classes every year.

Sidney is a small town that has faced many obstacles. We continue to take care of the people in the town. The school system has always been a constant for everyone. They are always there with their doors open, willing and wanting to teach students and assist the town anyway they can. The schools provide a safe place for all students and provide the best education that can be provided by a staff that really loves what they are doing.

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